Client Testimonials

“When we began using Clip N Save in 2013, we saw immediate results. Since then we have
used the every month and continue to see a large coupon return rate. I have been pleased
with the service provided, the customer return rate, and would recommend this product to
other restaurants seeking growth in their revenue.”

Dave Morrow, Owner
KFC Blaine

“The Clip N Save produces the best results for us year after year. Best value!”

Carmen, Manager
Gina Maria's Pizza

“We are very satisfied! Our return has been higher than expected. We have immediate
response from the time it is delivered and then continues throughout the entire month.
It out performs all the other advertisers we have used in past.”

Maggie’s Restaurant Owner

“Best return on investment with any direct mail advertising we have tried over the years.
And we have tried and tested them all!”

Chris Palek, Owner
Wyatt's Twisted Americana

“We continue to use Clip N Save due to the results we have seen for the last seven years!”

Kim Zeegler, Operating Partner
FIreside Bar & Restaurant

“We started with a 3 month trail and happily renewed our agreement due to the great results!”

Susan Zick, Owner
Suzie's Kitchen

“Meal Deal coupon has greatly increased revenues and business for me using Clip N Save.”

Brian Beers, Owner
Red's Savoy Pizza

“Glad we tried it! It’s definitely working much better than I thought it would.”

Damon Schuler, Co-Founder
Shakopee Brewhall

“So far I’ve been very satisfied with customer service provided by Blaine. Great guy. Ads have
been bringing in business as expected. “

Jerry Vang, Owner
Umami Bowl

“Lots of returns on coupons for over 3 years and with previous owner for many years prior
to that also.”

Colin Dusterhoft, Owner
Pizza N Pasta

“Very pleased with the immediate results with our first publication!”

Tony Steffen, Owner

“We’ve been advertising in the Clip N Save for 8 years. We average getting 40 coupons
in per day! We took 1 month off & our sales dropped significantly. I highly recommend
promoting your business using the Clip N Save to increase foot traffic and your profits!”

Pam Showalter, Owner
Winnetka Shell


“It took a couple months to get the branding set then the ads worked great. I’m glad I was
patient with it.”

Troy Jeppsen, Owner
All Pro Mechanical

“Great company always does what’s best for our business. Amazing ads with amazing
placement! Great customer service!”

Cody Kerry, General Manager
A&A Auto Services

“We have been using Clip N Save for many, many years with continued revenue increase and
new customers every year!”

Matt Underferth, President
Prior Lake/Savage Rental Center

“10 year ad with continued success throughout the years.”

Jamie Claflin, General Manager
Capital Tire & Auto Repair

“Best Marketing we do!”

Mike E, Owner
Kennedy Transmission & Auto Service

“We have been running a full page ad in Clip N Save every month for years. We consistently
have new clients coming in the doors with coupons. We love the classy look of Clip N
Save magazine and would definitely recommend it to any business looking to gain new

Ashley Venburg, Manager
Hawaiian Tan

“We have used the Twin Cities Clipper advertising platform for 8 years. In our mailing
zone we see a high coupon return rate from both returning and new customers. We would
recommend the TC Clipper to other local businesses looking to grow their company.”

Travis, Manager
Vrooom Auto Care

“Coupons all month. 2-3 redeemed per day.”

Erik, Manager
American Legion Post 118 in Wayzata

“Our Clip N Save ad has been our best coupon by far. Very easy and great to work with.
Would definitely recommend to give this a try.”

Mandy, Manager
Casa Rio Tex Mex

“We get 3-5 coupons a day and the majority are new customers who didn’t know
we are here.”

Doug McCulloch, Owner
The Winkin' Rooster